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Olympian Throwdown

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The Olympian Gods are Calling Out All Warriors of Fitness

What is Olympian Throwdown?

The Olympian Throwdown is a highly unique online competition of fitness that features 12 different “Olympian God Throwdown” challenges.

A New Challenge Every Month

Jump In ANYTIME... The Throwdowns Keep Coming Every Single Month With New and Unique Twists.


The Throwdowns will NOT detract from your normal training, but instead only enhance them by challenging and pushing you well beyond your limits.


These challenges can be done anywhere as long as you have the basic equipment needed and since it's an online based competition, it doesn't matter where you are in the world, you can compete!

Once a Month... You Throwdown!

The challenges are released once a month in which you'll have a solid 7 days to complete.

Be Prepare for Anything

Not knowing what will be testing within the next throwdown is what makes it all so much fun and challenging. You MUST to be prepared for anything.

Total and Complete Fitness

Your strength, power, endurance, skill, and mental toughness will all be tested within different capacities each and every month.


Scores will be verified and judged by video submission.  If you place within the Top 3, you’ll qualify for PRIZES.


Throwdown ANYWHERE…

At Your Home Gym  |  Your Gym  |  On the Road


Put yourself to the ultimate test…

SIGN UP NOW to challenge the gods!


As an athlete of fitness, you’ll be challenged and put to the ultimate test.

Each month a new special “Olympian God Throwdown” will give you the opportunity to take on and compete against other athletes.

All to find out who is the fittest “mortal” on earth
Compete, PROVE your Fitness, and WIN Inside The World-Wide OLYMPIAN Throwdown

Challenge The Gods – Become The Fittest Mortal “Warrior of Fitness”


June 20th-21st

What's So Special About Olympian Throwdown?

  • You EARN yourself a limited edition “Olympian Throwdown T-Shirt” each and every month (these are worth it alone and can’t be bought – only EARNED!)
  • Every single Throwdown gives you the chance to WIN Cash and Prizes For Being The FITTEST mortal around plus each time you take on a God Throwdown, you’ll earn the limited edition tee shirt specific to that god.

Inside the PRIVATE Olympian Community you’ll get access to…

  • Competitor Tips and Tricks
  • The Olympian Throwdown Community for extra support, accountability, and friendly competition
  • Plus more!
  • Get Access To An In-Depth World-Wide Leaderboard So You Can Compare Yourself To Other Warrior Athletes from around the world.
  • This leaderboard will be fully customizable so you can see who’s the fittest in your country, state, city, and even gym.
  • It’s All Up For Grabs!
  • Cash prizes are dependent on how many warriors are taking on the Gods.
  • The more warriors who enter, the BIGGER the pot gets.


This Month’s Prize Money



Each month you have the chance to win the following Top Athlete prizes:

    • 1st: $300 + 4 pack of FitAid + Wodfitter’s and Mission 6 Platinum Athlete Package
    • 2nd: $200 + 4 pack of FitAid +Wodfitter’s and Mission 6 Gold Athlete Package
    • 3rd: $100 +  4 pack of FitAid
    • 1st: $150 + 4 pack of FitAid +Wodfitter’s and Mission 6 Gold Athlete Package
    • 2nd: $100 + 4 pack of FitAid
    • 3rd: $50 + 4 pack of FitAid
    • 1st: 4 pack of FitAid
    • 2nd: 4 pack of FitAid
    • 3rd: 4 pack of FitAid
  • MONTHLY RAFFLE – For ANY Athlete That Enters And Commits To The Challenge… You’ll have a chance to WIN the monthly raffle which will include…
    • 4 Pack of FitAid + Mission 6 Supplement Package + Wodfitter’s Athlete Package

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